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Security for your security. Imagine having the precise problem in a system malfunction and getting notified in real-time on which equipment is failing and why. This helps you find the root problem almost instantly and repair it efficiently. It works by using a server that sends out the SMS. This just got introduced by Innotec Solutions as one of the newest technology and usability for security systems in Singapore. Supporting the fact that no other security company has done this, Innotec Solutions is confident with their team of specialists and is putting a substantial amount of effort into making this work.

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This is how it functions. Depending on the problem, the recorder immediately finds the root problem and sends a notification to the server which then sends out to your phone. So the next time something decides to malfuntcion, this service will help you tremendously in terms of saving time and acting upon the problem swiftly.

Innotec Solutions states that they are still going through trials and testing before releasing it out into the market. They also mentioned that it will be launched "sooner than you think".