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An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a device or software application that monitors a network or systems for malicious activity or policy violations. Any detected activity or violation is typically reported either to an administrator or collected centrally using a security information and event management (SIEM) system. A SIEM system combines outputs from multiple sources, and uses alarm filtering techniques to distinguish malicious activity from false alarms. There is a wide spectrum of IDS, varying from antivirus software to hierarchical systems that monitor the traffic of an entire backbone network. The most common classifications are network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) and host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS). A system that monitors important operating system files is an example of a HIDS, while a system that analyzes incoming network traffic is an example of a NIDS. It is also possible to classify IDS by detection approach: the most well-known variants are signature-based detection (recognizing bad patterns, such as malware) and anomaly-based detection (detecting deviations from a model of "good" traffic, which often relies on machine learning). Some IDS have the ability to respond to detected intrusions. Systems with response capabilities are typically referred to as an intrusion prevention system.

Our logistics processes, services, tools and systems in combination with strategic CCTV Security camera locations help you to meet your security needs and achieve security with much more accuracy. Moreover, our project engineers are experienced in applying security solutions to large scale buildings and properties.

Whether it is the one time installation you need done, or whether you are looking for professional and long-term asset management or tech support requirements, we can assure you of the best services at the most economical pricing. Our sales and logistics consultants are always available to help you with any further and detailed queries you might have regarding our services and security solutions.

Featured Client


HBO Asia (Singapore)

Home to the biggest and latest Hollywood blockbusters and award-winning HBO Originals, HBO® is a 24-hour commercial-free premium programming subscription service for movie lovers. HBO brings the best of Hollywood first to Asia through exclusive output licensing deals with four major Hollywood studios - Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Innotec provided end-to-end solutions for this company which include:
•Installation of more than 50 Access Controls
•Installation of more than 30 Intrusion Detection Systems
•Highly Secured Entry points for maximum security

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Interlogix (UTC)

Continuing the legacy of some of the most recognized names in security, Interlogix affirms a long-standing commitment to market-leading brands. As a convenient one-source provider for channel partners, our ongoing goal is to provide reliable and intuitive products that meet existing and future security needs.

Interlogix is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. UTC Climate, Controls & Security is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide

Featured Products

Seamlessly integrating multiple security elements, the NetworX system delivers optimum security for current and future needs of your home or small business. Particularly well-suited for new construction, NetworX offers a wide selection of hard-wired security elements including keypad, motion sensors, glassbreak detectors, smoke detectors and magnetic contacts.

For added convenience, NetworX has extensive wireless capabilities backed by expert technicians experienced in optimal system design. This system also easily integrates with many third-party control systems such as home automation, lighting, HVAC and audio. Complete with cellular backup, NetworX represents one of the most advanced, expandable and reliable security solutions available.


Your professional security dealer can custom design a system best suited for your home and security needs. Part of this design includes creating areas of protection. Defi ned areas, or zones, are covered by specifi c sensors and detectors, yet it is simple and easy to arm/disarm the whole residence with a single button. If an alarm is triggered in your home, your system will be able to display which room or area the alarm is coming from as well as the type of alarm, such as a window being opened or a motion sensor activated.sional security dealer can custom design a system best suitedfor and security needs. Part of this design includes creating areas ofDefi ned areas, or zones, are covered by specifi c sensorsors, yet it is simple and easy to arm/disarm the whole with a single button. If an alarm is triggered in yoursystem will be able to display which room or arm is coming from as well as the type ch as a window being opened sensoractivated.

Sensors and Peripherals

A full line of intrusion protection solutions is complemented by a large selection of sensor and peripheral components that can enhance your home’s security. Wireless and hard-wired sensors are compatible with all products. These added security elements represent our commitment to comprehensive security and protection:

• Door/window sensors
• Motion detectors
• Magnetic contacts
• Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
• Keypads and keyfobs
• Glassbreak and shock sensors
• Wireless quick-bridge receivers and repeaters
• Cellular-based communication modules
• Proximity card readers/door control modules

In addition, Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) allows you to monitor and control your security system from your Web browser and be notifi ed of system events by email, PDA or phone.


The NetworX line of control panels represent a full-featured security system that uses advanced technology for burglary, fire and environmental detection. A highly flexible security option that is both easy to install and simple to use, NetworX control panels can accommodate smaller residential applications up to the most demanding commercial security needs. The series includes the NX-4, NX-6, NX-8 and NX-8E control panels.

Outstanding features
Offering up to eight standard hardwire zone inputs, the control panels also provide four programmable outputs that can be set up to activate external devices during an alarm or other system event. The modular design allows for complete integration of multiple systems within one enclosure, and adding more zones or expanding capability is fast and easy. With the addition of a Z-Wave® enabled Cellular Module, with service from, control of automated lights, door locks, thermostats and more is available using almost any Web enabled device.

Convenient and flexible
Users can conduct quick and easy on-site programming with alphanumeric keypads and a menu-driven text interface. Off-site programming is also available with DL-900 software for Windows.

NX-4 Four hardwire zone inputs, expandable to 8 fully programmable hardwire and/or wireless zones

NX-6 Six hardwire zone inputs, expandable to 12 fully programmable hardwire or 16 wireless zones

NX-8 Eight hardwire zone inputs, expandable to 48 fully programmable hardwire and/or wireless zones

NX-8E Eight hardwire zone inputs and two relays, expandable to 192 fully programmable hardwire and/or wireless zones

Standard Features

• Flash memory microprocessor
• Expanded event log
• Early open/late close reporting
• Programmable loop response
• Accommodates multiple user codes from 8 up to 240
• Up to 8 true partitions with separate account codes, entry/exit delays and feature selections for each partition
• Up to 512-event history log that provides date, time, event and user number
• Supports SIA and contact ID communication formats
• 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detector compatibility
• CP-01 2000 compliant

In addition, NX-8E control panel also offers
• Fire alarm verification for greater false alarm immunity
• Dynamic battery test
• Standard RS-232 on-board interface

Touch Screens, Keypads & Readers


Concorde 4 Touch Screen

Standard Features

•3.5-inch color LCD screen delivers at-a-glance status of the system and property
•Notification status icons (Identify door/window open & Last motion detected)
•“My Property” status icon covers (All non-window, All non-door, Non-interior motion changes)
•Supports multi-partition control, arming and status
•At-a-glance state synchronized across multiple touch screens
•Date and time programming
•Superbus compatible via a standard 4-wire connection
•A single Concord 4 installation can support up to 11 touch screens (additional power module required for 4 or more touch screens)


Concorde Touchpad

Standard Features

•Large Easy-to-Read Display
•Improved Backlighting of Display and Keys for Better Visibility
•Stand-Alone Panic Keys
•Stand-Alone Arming Keys
•Traditional Design to Blend w/Any Décor
•Easy to Install


Concord Two-Way Voice LCD Keypad

Standard Features

•Easy to install
•Large Easy-to-Read Display
•Multi-color Status Indicator
•Integrated Two-Way Voice
•Programmable Stand-alone Panic Keys
•Stand-alone Arming Keys
•White Door/Black Front Can Blend w/Any Décor


G-Prox III Readers

Standard Features

•Support G-Prox I (HID) and Standard G-Prox II Tokens Concurrently
•Mini, Mullion and Switchplate Models
•Mullion and Switchplate Models Available w/Integrated Touch Keypad
•Keypad Readers Support PIN, Card, and Card+PIN Modes
•Keypad Models also Support G-Prox II and HID Arming Stations


MIFARE Readers

Standard Features

•MIFARE Technology Allows One Card to be Used for Up to 16 Different Applications
•Standard Wiegand Output Interfaces to Most Access Control Systems
•Audio Visual Indicators Provide Feedback when a Card is Read and Accepted
•Fully Compatible w/ISO 14443A, the Industry Standard for Contactless Smart Cards
•Fully Weatherized to Withstand Outdoor Conditions
•4H Hardness Front Plate Coating to Protect Against Scratches


Monitor XL 4 Zone LCD Suite Module

Standard Features

•Fully Self-contained Alarm Panel
•Connects to the Base Building Monitor XL™ System
•Supports Up to Eight Individual Users
•Four Suite Alarm Zones and Three Programmable Personal Safety Alerts
•Remote Arming, Disarming and Silencing of Alarms
•Activity Monitoring Feature
•Built-in G-Prox II Reader


Monitor XL LCD Keypad Plus

Standard Features

•Controls Up to 16 Areas/Partitions
•10 Programmable Functions for Each Area
•Up to Four Languages Can be Used on a Single Keypad
•Three Programmable Keypad Activated Alarms for Fire, Panic, Emergency or Other Functions
•Available w/Built-in G-Prox II Touch-Key Technology
•Armed and Trouble LED Indicators


NetworX Advanced Touch LED Keypads

Standard Features

•NetworX System Compatibility
•Interactive Personal Voice Guide (PVG)
•Voice-enabled Status Keys
•Individually Lit, Color-coded Touch Response Keys
•Easy-to-use Menus for Advanced Features
•Intercom Functionality for Up to 8 Rooms
•Voice Labeling for Zones, Areas and Outputs
•Voice-recorded Memos
•Quick Arm, Stay and Status keys
•Double-press Fire, Medical and Panic Keys
•192-Zone Capability
•Customizable Chime Groups for Specific Zones
•Streamlined, Modern Design


NetworX LCD Keypads

Standard Features

•Programmable Up to 192-Zones
•Removable Door
•Code Entry Keypad w/Backlit Keys
•Dedicated Fire, Police and EMS Keys
•Five Pre-programmed Function Keys


NetworX LED Keypads

Standard Features

•Code Entry Keypad w/Backlit Keys
•Clear Status Light Indicators
•Optional Audio Tone when Keys are Pressed
•Dedicated Fire, Police and EMS Keys
•Five Pre-programmed Function Keys
•Programmable Up to 8-Zones


NetworX Smart Reader

Standard Features

•Uses Proximity Cards or Keyfobs
•Connect Up to 15 Readers to Any NX Series Control Panel
•Locate Readers Up to 2,500' from the Control Panel
•Control Access in One or All Partitions
•Enroll Cards and Keyfobs Individually or in Batches
•NX-1705E Smart Cards and NX-1706E Smart Fobs Available
•Add and Delete Users w/DL900 Software
•One Low-current Trigger Output for Door Strike/magnetic Lock
•Now Includes Scheduling Function


NetworX Touch Screen Keypad

Standard Features

•NetworX System Compatibility
•3.5" Color Touch Screen
•Icon-based Graphic Interface
•Quick Arm, Stay and Status Keys
•Custom Text Naming for User Names, Areas, Zones, Outputs and Rooms
•Access Card Management (when card reader NX-1700E is installed)
•Built-in Message Board
•192-Zone Capability
•Support for Up to 99 Users, 8 Partitions and 16 Outputs
•Customizable Chime Groups for Specific Zones
•Streamlined, Modern Design


NetworX Voice Navigation LED Keypad

Standard Features

•NetworX System Compatibility
•Interactive Personal Voice Guide (PVG)
•Voice-enabled Status Keys
•Backlit Soft-touch Keys
•Voice Labeling for Zones, Areas and Outputs
•Quick Arm, Stay and Status Keys
•Double-press Fire, Medical and Panic Keys
•16-Zone Capability
•Streamlined, Modern Design


NetworX Wireless LCD Display Keypad

Standard Features

•Integrated 48-Zone Wireless Receiver
•Optimize Wireless Reception by Having the Keypad/Receiver in the Best Location
•LCD, Easy-to-read Programmable Display
•Traditional Design to Go w/Any Décor
•Compatible w/All NetworX Series Control Panels
•Easy to Install, Program and Maintain


Simon XT Talking Touchpad

Standard Features

•Arming the System, Including Doors, Windows and Motions Sensors
•Arming the System w/No Entry Delay
•Disarming the System
•Activating a Panic Alarm to Call the Central Monitoring Station for a Non-Medical Emergency
•Checking System Status
•Hearing the Voice Feedback from the Simon® XT Control Panel


Simon XT Two-Way Talking Touch Screen

Standard Features

•3.5" Color LCD Screen w/Graphical User Interface (GUI) Delivers At-a-Glance Status of Home and Property
•Wireless Design Facilitates Quick and Easy Installation
•Compatible w/Simon® XTi and Simon XT for Added Control of Security System Features
•Actionable Status Icons: Identify Door/Window Open, Last Motion Detected and "My Property" Icon Status; Covers all Non-Window, Non-Door, Non-Interior Motion Changes
• Compatible for Advanced Interactive Services: Optional HVAC, Lighting, and Lock Control Devices w/Programmable Options Help Promote Energy Savings, Four-Day Weather Forecast Adds Value and Lifestyle Convenience, Z-Wave® Door Lock Support and Indicator Status
•Access Code Feature Setting for "Secure" vs. "Less Secure" Touch Screen Location


SuperBus 2000 Touchpads

Standard Features

•Large, Easy-to-Read Display w/Contrast and Brightness Control
•Built-In Sounder for Alarm/Status Tones and Button Press Beeps
•Accidental Activation Resistant Police, Auxiliary, and Fire Emergency Panic Buttons
•Built-In Hardwire Input
•SuperBus Technology for Greater Speed and Enhanced Performance
•Supports Both Manual and Automatic SuperBus Unit ID Addressing
•Wall-Hugging, Low Profile Case


UltraSync 7" TouchScreen

Standard Features

•Up to four UltraSync™ 7" TouchScreens supported on a single UltraSync Hub
•UltraSync Hub connectivity via a wireless Wi-Fi router
•Micro-USB power supply
•Tabletop or wall-mount placement
•Controls for individual as well as all areas/partitions of an UltraSync system (Arming/disarming, Automations, Lighting control, Door lock control, Thermostat control, Live video and recorded clips, Systems settings and programming)

Wired Sensing


1015 Series


1035 Series


1038 Series


1038T Series


1045 Series


1045T Series


1055 Series


1058 Series


1072 Series


1075 Series


1078/1076 Series


1082 Series


1085 Series


1085T Series


1125 Series


1125T Series


1138T Series


1275 Series


1285T Series


2100 Series


2200 Series


2300 Series


2500 Series


2700 Series


2800T Series


3040 Series


5150 Series


5400 Series


5600 Series


5820A Series


65XX Series


Assault Sensors


Barrier Bars


Bill Trap


Ceiling Mount Dual Motion Sensor


Ceiling Mount Sensor


DV Series


EV Series




Glassbreak Shock Sensor Analyzers


Magnapull Contact


Mirror Optic PIR


NetworX Solution 2000 Series


Outdoor Motion Detectors




PrecisionLine Series


R1075/R1125 Series


R1075T/R1125T Series


Recessed Roller Plunger




Round Acoustic Glassbreak


ShatterPro Acoustic Glassbreak Sensors


VE Series

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