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CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room, for example when the environment is not suitable for humans. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event. A more advanced form of CCTV, utilizing digital video recorders, (DVRs), provides recording for possibly many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (such as motion detection and email alerts). More recently, decentralized IP cameras, some equipped with megapixel sensors, support recording directly to network-attached storage devices, or internal flash for completely stand-alone operation. Surveillance of the public using CCTV is particularly common in many areas around the world.

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Axis Communications

Axis is the market leader in network video. Axis invented the world’s first network camera back in 1996 and have been innovators in video surveillance ever since, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world.With the help of 80,000 partners, spanning 179 countries, they were able to deliver a series of groundbreaking products and many industry firsts. Axis was the first company in the world to launch a network camera in 1996, initiating the shift from analog to digital technology. The majority of Axis’ sales are generated by the video product area; network cameras, video encoders, accessories and application software. Axis retained its position as clear market leader in network cameras and in the category surveillance cameras. Axis also achieved a market leader position in the category video encoder and thereby strengthens the company’s position on the surveillance camera market.

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There are two different types of sensors in thermal cameras, high-end and commercial cooled sensors. The high-end sensors are mostly utilized in military and scientific exploration. Axis thermal cameras feature uncooled cameras with so called micro bolometer technology that works in the LWIR domain.

The temperature of an object determines its thermal radiation – the higher the temperature, the more thermal radiation it emits. Our naked eye cannot see this visually, but we can sense it. Just like when we are near a fireplace or in a sauna. The bigger the temperature difference, the higher the contrast in the image, which makes the object more visible.

Thermal images are sometimes associated with bright, intense colors – which may seem a bit odd considering that the camera works outside the spectrum of visible light. The answer is that the colors are created digitally, in so-called pseudo-colors or palettes. Each color or shade of the palette represents a different temperature, usually white and red for higher temperatures, over green, blue and violet for colder ones. The reason is primarily practical since the human eye is better at distinguishing different shades of color than different shades of grey.


Thermal cameras do not only perform well in dark scenes – they are a great tool for detecting people and objects in 24/7 surveillance anywhere, even if the person is wearing camouflaged clothing. When it comes to detection, thermal cameras are superior to conventional cameras under a wide range of difficult weather conditions, such as snow and fog.

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