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Cargo Container Tracking System - Innotec Solutions

Product Overview

Container Code Management System Solution is an innovation to track cargo containers within the premises. To keep track its entry and exit time and also its parking location. With advance technologies such as video analysis technology, container code recognition technology and license plate recognition technology, it made this innovation possible. It secure and track the assets and keep your business safe on the go.

Front-end Subsystem

Container Code Recognition

• Identification of 20 feet box, 40 feet box, 48 feet box, standard boxes and so on
• Distinguish between single and double box function
• Automatic identification to container number

Vehicle License Plate Recognition

• 24 hours continuous work
• The vehicle speed is less than 30 km/h recording identification information
• Adapt to a variety of complex environments
• License plate recognition accuracy≥95%


• Image capture
• License plate recognition
• Time and sequence control to capture container code
• Exception filter
• Container code identification
• Data matching process

Site layout

Demonstration of Video Effect

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