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Singapore Landed Home Surveillance Systems

Private and Landed Homes in Singapore differ in shape and size. Therefore every private & landed home security is much more intricate in terms of security. Every detail of entry point, angle of view has to be considered in order for total security. Application of surveillance systems at home enables you to watch over the people you care about. Having a CCTV Surveillance System for your home will allow you to constantly check up on your kids and elderly. Especially with the rise in assault related crimes committed by domestic workers and nuisance occuring in the common areas, a CCTV Security System will help in capturing evidence. But CCTV Surveillance Systems are more than just security. It allows you to have a peaceful mind knowing your kids are doing their homework or even checking up on the time they leave the house and when they get home. Same when it comes to the eldery when you want to prevent accidents and when there is an emergency, you are able to be notified through your mobile viewing app. Even for times when you'd want to catch a cheating spouse. It's more than just security, it's prevention.

Unlike Condo Estates, Private and landed homes do not have estate security guards and therefore need more security measures taken in order to deter criminal acts being carried out. Be it intrusion, vandalism and/or nuisances, installing a security system in your private and landed home can benefit you in the long run. Pair up surveillance systems with intrusion detection systems and have a peace of mind.

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Private & Landed Homes

Private and landed homes are divided by tenure, title and housing type. Tenures are generally freehold, which means the owner owns the title in perpetuity, or leasehold, where the owner has rights over the property during the period of the lease. Landed property also consists of three different housing types – detached houses, where a single dwelling unit occupies a piece of land; semi-detached houses, where two dwelling units share the land, often with a shared wall between the two units, and terrace houses, where multiple dwelling units are on the same plot of land.

Private and landed homes are built in different shapes and sizes. Innotec provides comprehensive security surveillance solution which includes:

•Installation of more than 2000 CCTV cameras in over 1000 landed homes
•Installation of more than 800 Digital Doors in over 1000 Condo Units
•Installation of more than 600 Intrusion Detection Systems in over 1000 Condo Units
•Extensive Aftersales Support to existing customers
•Professional and neat project design

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