Solutions to Bad Bus Driver Habits With AI

This technology analyses facial features and alerts drivers (and their managers) if it detects unsafe behaviours like falling asleep at the wheel or using mobile phones, or if their eyes wander from the road for too long. Artificial intelligence is also helping large vehicle drivers detect people in their blindspots, so as to prevent traffic accidents.

Featured Product

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

• Resolution of ADAS camera: 1080P
• IP54 water proof and dust proof design
• Supports front collision warning
• Live Streaming
• Supports lane departure warning

This kind of camera is used to detect complex situations in front of the car and provide early warning, such as lane departure warning and collision warning in real time to reduce the driving risks.

Driver Status Monitor (DSM)

• Supports IPC resolution 720P & 1080P
• Supports 940 supplement light
• IP54 water proof and dust proof design
• Driver calling detection alarm
• Driver smoking detection alarm
• Driver fatigue driving alarm
• Driver abnormal alarm (when there is no driver or driver does not sit at the right place)
• Working stably in various environment

DSM is a kind of driving auxiliary warning system that is based on machine vision technology to detect driver abnormal driving status. It can help detect and alarm the following conditions, including fatigue, distraction, smoking and making a phone while driving.

C24M Camera

• 1920x1080@30fps Resolution
• Built-in power loss protection
• IP67
• PON(DC 12V)
• Anti-vibration
• IR distance: 15~20m
• With 2 Photosensitive sensors and gravity sensor
• Can be installed outside the vehicle for side viewing

C24M camera monitor systems is the perfect solution for various kinds of vehicles, including bus, coach, tipper, van, road sweeper, fuel tanker. The vehicle-mounted CCTV cameras enable drivers and operator to check anytime what happen outside of the vehicle by delivering a live feed on the monitor of everything in the camera view, including people or obstacles. Moreover, fitted with Infra-Red LEDs for improved night vision and combined with a robust, durable casing, the operation system offers unrivalled performance and clarity.


• Support local upgrade and remote upgrade
• Upgrade package size not exceed 25MB
• Support Operation & Management platform search
• Easy to install
• Compatible with mobile DVR, platform and so on

It can be installed inside the car to provide driver with real-time aided driving information display, combined with sound alerts and warnings. offers unrivalled performance and clarity.

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