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Video Storage Systems

Surveillance systems often feature advances in intelligent video analytics and high-definition image recording. In order to manage the vast amounts of video and related metadata in an intelligent surveillance solution, a relational database or similar traditional data system is typically used. It is absolutely critical that reads and writes for such systems employ the utmost levels of performance and error detection and correction to ensure data integrity isn’t compromised.




Ablerex is a brand of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power quality devices (PQD) produced and marketed by Ablerex Electronics (S) Pte Ltd. Headquartered in Singapore, the company was founded in 2002 and begun its operations in 2003. The Ablerex brand was launched in 2004.

Tower/Rack Wall Mount Design

Offers a flexile form factor which enables its integration even in the most difficult of environments with space constraints.

Advanced Digital Control Technology

Achieves higher reliability and greater immunity from Utility power problems to the connected load.

Wide Input Frequency and Voltage Windows

Provides a large-scale input frequency window from 45Hz to 65Hz and input voltage window from 120Vac to 288Vac to extend battery life


Wide Input Frequency and Voltage Windows

Provides a large-scale input frequency window from 45Hz to 65Hz and input voltage window from 120Vac to 288Vac to extend battery life

Unity Input Power Factor

Meets today's industry standards for energy saving and zero pollution to the Utility


Double Conversion On-Line Technology

Completely regenerates the utility power to rectify the disturbances in the utility power. The unit provides clean A.C. power with voltage and frequency independent from the utility (VFI)


Quick-Glance LCD Display

Provides easy reading of major systems parameters and statuses including Load Level, remaining battery and fault status


Matching Battery Case Cabinet

Optional matching battery cabinets are available to extend the UPS runtime easily to several hours.


Powerful Built-In Charger

Provides approximately 0.3C charging capability to re-charge internal battery to 90% in 3 hours


Hot Swappable Battery

Allows users with little technical knowledge to easily change the batteries at the end of the battery's use life

Extended Runtie Capability Built

Enable users to connect additional battery banks by simply plugging in the battery connectors between the UPS and battery banks without requesting for additional chargers

Communication Capability

The UPS is equipped with monitoring/shutdown software as standards.
The software not only allows the control of the UPS and schedules shutdown protocol when the utility power fails, but also allows the user to:
• remotely test the main operating functions of the UPS
• communicate via SNMP/web/network adaptor
• access UPS functions via web
• alert users via SMS messages against specific events (additional software required)


Customer Options Slot

Both RS232 and USB Communication ports are supplied as standard with each UPS. This can be used with the software provided or an external SNMP adapter. The Options Slow allows further flexibility in network configuration. 3 Cards are available: An internal SNMP card, an AS400 card, a true relay card provide isolated contacts for industrial and remote alarm panel application.

The patented technology allows the RS232, USB and SNMP to be activated simultaneously


Emergency Shutdown Control Through EPO

Allows users to shutdown the UPS completely in an emergency to ensure a safe operating environment

Optional External Bypass Switch

Ensures continuous supply of power to the critical load in the event of electronic failure, overload, ovreheat or scheduled maintenance.


Optional Galvanic Isolation Transformer

Provides isolation between input and output, and various secondary voltages.

Supre Compact Convertible Design

With a most compact 2U design, the UPS occupies less space in the 19" rack cabinet, or in the 21" rack cabinet with the optional 21" Rack accessories, which reduces your intial setup cost. The ocnvertible design also offers a flexible form factor which enables integration into a wide variety of environment.

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