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Product Overview

The embedded solar power system comprises of solar panels, lithium battery, charging controller with maximum energy point monitoring (MPPT), and mounting brackets. It offers a stable energy supply with a high conversion charging controller for devices such as IP cameras. It is compact, portable and simple to install, disassemble and retain compared to standard solar energy systems.

Integrated Solar Power System

• Integrated die casting casing
• Aluminium alloy frame
• Monocrystalline solar panel
• Lithium battery pack
• Remote monitoring with App
• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging controller
• RS-485 communication function. Electronic protection

Featured Products

Integrated die casting casing

Compact, embedded structure with solar panel, lithium battery pack and charging controller to enhance the system's appearance, installation, and maintenance.

Monocrystalline solar panel

Adopt monocrystalline solar panels to significantly enhance the effectiveness of light absorption and power generation with dusky light.

Lithium battery

Compared to standard lithium batteries, iron phosphate lithium battery has lower size and longer cycle life.

Remote monitoring with App

With solar cameras, you can monitor the system operating status remotely in real time and obtain small battery alarm prompts.

Maximum Power Point Tracking charging controller (MPPT)

MPPT controller considerably enhances the system's power usage effectiveness and increases the charging effectiveness by 10%-30% compared to standard PWM controller.

Solar Power System

• Support 30W load, continuous work for 72/168h on rainy days
• DC48V output, use Hi-PoE switch to power loads, No inverter loss
• Solar module has Max. 40kA lightning protection
• Controller has over-temperature, overcharge, over discharge, overload, short circuit protection
• Gel battery can be three years’ free maintenancep
• System supports real-time monitoring of DSS platform


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