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AI Powered Temperature Screening Solution


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Product Overview

Innotec Thermal Temperature Screening System is an innovative AI powered solution that can instantaneously screen the temperature of multiple people. Our solution includes a full comprehensive contact tracing ability to identify subject of interest to prevent the spread of disease. The Artificial Intelligence powered incident driven approach remove the need for a full time operator to manage the system. Innotec’s Thermal Temperature Screening System is designed to be fully autonomous and maintenance free. The system also feature an option to comply to the GDPR privacy requirement. Innotec Thermal Temperature Screening System is suitable for high human traffic venue such as shopping malls, dormitory, factories, large offices, supermarkets, schools and events.

The device is NOT a medical device and mainly to aid in security operation.

It cannot be used to substitute a HSA Approved Thermometer for the purpose of temperature reading and it is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the core, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.


Importance of Contact Tracing

People who were in close contact with a person who is infected by the virus, are at higher risk of getting infected and might potentially spread the virus to others. With contact tracing, after having an exposure to a person with the virus the contacts will help to get care and treatement and prevent further spread of the virus.

Contact Tracing Process

  1. Contact Identification: When someone is confirmed to be infected with a virus, contacts are established by inquiring about the behaviors of the individual and the behaviors and roles of the people around them after the onset of the virus. Contacts may be someone who has been in touch with an infected person: family members, colleagues at work, friends or providers of health care.
  2. Contact Listing: All people reported to have contact with the person infected should be identified as contacts. Efforts should be made to recognize through contact listed and remind them of their contact status, what it means, the behavior that should follow and the importance of early treatment if symptoms arise. Contacts will also have details on the system. In certain cases, high risk connections need quarantine or isolation, either at home or in hospital.
  3. Contact follow-up: Daily follow-up of all interactions should be carried out to monitor symptoms and to check for signs of infection.

What is SafeEntry Integration

SafeEntry is a nationwide digital check-in program that tracks visits to hotspots and sites by individuals delivering critical services, as well as essential services personnel.
Key information ( e.g. name, NRIC, and mobile number) is needed for individuals entering these premises. They can authenticate via SingPass Mobile by scanning a customized QR code, or they can choose to enter their information manually.

AI Powered Temperature Screening Features

AI Algorithm to accurately conduct temperature screening.

All Inclusive ready to deploy setup, fully plug and play.

WALK THROUGH BASED, Non single queue based required.

Multiple temperature screening of up to 15 person in detection area.

Temperature Accuracy between +/- 0.3 to 0.5 Degree.

Autonomous, Man-less operation.

Intelligent facial temperature screening focused analytics.

AI Powered incident driven temperature detection.

Daily end of day Temperature Screening reporting..

Individual abnormal temperature incident report.

Video Thermal Imaging With Temperature reading in Incident report.

High speed contactless temperature screening of up to 3M distance.

Intelligent self-calibration to ambient temperature.

How it works?

fever detection how it works

Software Screenshot

Fever Scanner

*The picture above shows the GUI of the software

playback and incident list

Artificial Intelligent Facial Detection Technology

face detection

High Speed, Multiple Person Temperature Screening Technology

High Speed multiple fever detection

Package Includes

  1. 1 x Dual Lens Optical And Thermal Detection Camera
  2. 1 x Mobile Stand With Height Of 2.3m
  3. 1 x Laptop
  4. 1 x Innotec Temperature Screening Software Licence
  5. 1 x Instruction guide
  6. Full installation and training
  7. 12 months one for one, same business day on-site technical support

Project Reference

  • Mindef Singapore
  • Paragon Shopping Center
  • Ang Mo Kio Hub
  • Nex Serangoon
  • Jurong Point Shopping Center
  • Thomson Plaza
  • Income Building
  • International Plaza Building
  • Grace Assembly Church
  • James Cook University
  • Performance Motors Limited
  • Vantage Motors
  • Tong Center Building
  • UTC Group
  • Orchid Country Club
  • RELC Hotel
  • Great Eastern Building
  • Tower Transit Bus Terminal
  • Certis Cisco
  • Prosegur
  • Seasl Aerospace
  • Molex Singapore


Kelvin Saw

Phone: +65 8522 1994


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