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The world's taking the next step in security, are you?

Why the shift to digital security?

Organizations began to spend a lot of money to provide security measures. There would be no organizations without security guards. Evidently from the trend, even the well off individuals additionally have taken part of security measures for their home.
Before years, the houses were secured by guard dogs. Presently, individuals feel more unsafe, for the reason they use security staffs and other electronic security measures. The requirement for security measures are expanding step by step, simultaneously the advancement and research in the field is likewise progressing.
Presently, numerous organizations are changing from security guards to electronic safety measures. One of the primary reasons is the cost of keeping up security faculty. They spend a huge amount of money in maintaining security personnel, yet now they began to surmise that if a similar sum is invested into embedding electronic gadgets, the cost can be lessened, regardless of the possibility that the underlying expense is high. Another reason is the physical confinements of kept an eye on security guards.

"Security is just security...isn't it?"

Yes, and No. The electronic security systems have more functionality than manned security systems, yet that doesn't imply that those systems are the ideal one. The dangers of manned security system are, the security guards may neglect to recognize the intruders due to absence of focus and concentration. Another essential reason which ought to be noted is, the security guards may take impromptu leaves which may influence the safety of the organization. However, the electronic security systems work 365 days , 24/7, without much cost of maintenance. Electronic systems will never neglect to see any anomaly on account of absence of focus. The CCTV will record whatever comes into the system. It never falls flat, if appropriately kept up. The artificial intelligence has developed a lot in these years, with video analytics being constantly improved as a helpful technology to CCTV surveillance systems.

Best of both worlds

The cutting edge system is not only electronic gear or just security guards, but rather the blend of both. There are separate organizations who provide security systems where ever required. What they do is, make courses of action for security by analyzing the requirements of their clients. When joining both the systems, the benefits of both can be used, thus expanding the security of an organization.

What can Digital Security do?

Basically, it does everything a physical security guard can do, but with more precision and operates at full extent 24/7.

innotec_solutions_security_system_singapore_cctv_surveillance CCTV Surveillance

A security essential is the the implementation of CCTV Surveillance Systems. Instead of having a guard post at every corner, CCTV cameras can relay live footage back to just 1 guard post which will oversee the entire collection of cameras. With the rise in security trends, there are a huge variety of CCTV products in the market. However their functions range from stricly limited to widely versatile, the better ones don't come cheap. But it is a cost-effective solution that will save you a lot of money in the long run. After all, this is considered as nothing new with almost all buildings and properties already integrated with surveillance security. So how do we top it up a notch? The answer is Video Analytics.

innotec_solutions_security_system_singapore_video_analytics Video Analytics

Increase the functionality of your CCTV Surveillance system and eliminate the need to place a physical security guard at every corner to scan through crowds and analyze behaviour. Video Analytics are able to pick up these data in minute detail. 1 security personnel is enough to be stationed in 1 post while the surveillance system does all the work. Every movement will be recorded and if there has been obstruction in preset rules, it will send a notification to the security personnel or sound off an alarm. From here, the security personnel will be able to speak directly into the PA system at the specific area.
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security_solutions_singapore_guard_replacement_building_management Building Management

Traditionally, if there is a light that was forgotten to be switched off, a certain power socket that is still turned on even with no utilization, a security guard has to manually go over to the area to press buttons. Same goes for lift control, building AC temperature etc. With a new age technology that can be integrated into the building structure, all of these features will be only a click away with a software handled by 1 security personnel in the post. No hassle, no travel time, just click. Although this new technology is still a developing project, the world is heading towards a smarter, powerful and useful building management system.

innotec_solutions_security_system_singapore_fire_alarm_panel Fire Hazard Safety Measure

With an integrated fire alarm panel with your building management system or a security software, you will be notified when an alarm goes off indicating there is fire in the specified area. What's even more useful is if you have an explosion-proof and anti-corrosion CCTV camera strategically placed in that location to observe and analyze the situation. Particularly the blast-proof CCTV is best used in an industrial plant environment which deals with oil and gas. This allows safety for security guards who do not require to be present at the scene of the fire hazard and maintain visual of the flame engulfed area while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

innotec_solutions_security_system_singapore_digital_concierge_visitor_management_system E-Concierge

New age software technology can help visitors check in and check out through an automated system without the need of security to be present at the reception lobby. An extensive visitor management system won't just do the registering but also keeping track of visitors and employees in the building. Time keeping standards and location tagging based on the rfid tag assigned, allow everyone to be located and trailed at anytime. Furthermore if paired up with CCTV surveillance, there is no escaping security. This E-concierge solution is fully functional, with just 1 security personnel observing the AI's(artificial intelligence) behaviour while maintaing visual through surveillance and video analytics.

security_solutions_singapore_guard_replacement_access_control Access Control

Supposingly in your building now, you are using conventional door locks that require keys, with the security guard having to walk around and lock these doors one by one after hours or even unlocking them in the morning. A hassle is one thing, but losing the keys can be a huge problem too. With access control systems, authorized people can just enter and exit a room with their biometrics and it can be integrated as a time attendance function. Because of the comprehensive data tracking, anyone who uses the access control are tracked via biometrics with time check, deeming it as a full solution in entry security.

Cost analysis


Standard Industrial Security Guard

Unarmed Security Guard: $12-$20 per hour
Armed Security Guard: $18-$25 per hour
Average monthly cost(based on 2 shifts x 2 guards): $42000
Average yearly cost: $504000

Fully Digitalized Guard

CCTV Surveillance System: averagely $200 per camera
Video Analytics: averagely $400 per function
Access Controls: averagely $350 per door
Visitor Management System: $1000 per license
2 security personnel (based on 12 hour shifts): $12-$20 per hour
Average total one-time cost with installation (100 locations): $130500

What we can do for YOU

Budgetary Concern

We understand your budgetary concern in investing in security systems and your skepticalism on the benefits of a fully digitalized security guard replacement. What more the reliability of the products. If it is your first time installing security systems, rest assured that 87.5% of the world's businesses already have some sort of security system installed. With the rest of them still on conventional methods.

Budgetary Solution (CCTV Leasing)

To make your decision easier, we have services to lease these services that we charge per month from prices as low as $25.

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