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Access Control Systems is a type of door lock that is intelligent and versatile in function. It enables you to secure entry points by only authorizing access to individuals who belong in the building. But what's more than just security that access control systems can offer is the option for you to choose the type of access. Fingerprint, Facial recognition, Card Access, Custom ID Code. Go even further by using it as a time attendance system for employees to clock in and clock out. You can even check who entered and when. All of these features just a software away. Pair it with surveillance systems that watch over the entry points and you can achieve maximum security.

Our logistics processes, services, tools and systems in combination with strategic entry point locations help you to meet your security needs and achieve security with much more accuracy. Moreover, our project engineers are experienced in applying security solutions to large scale buildings and properties.

Whether it is the one time installation you need done, or whether you are looking for professional and long-term asset management or tech support requirements, we can assure you of the best services at the most economical pricing. Our sales and logistics consultants are always available to help you with any further and detailed queries you might have regarding our services and security solutions.

Featured Client


Merit Medical Systems Inc – Manufacturing Facility

Merit Medical Systems Inc is a worldwide designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices used in interventional and diagnostic procedures. Merit’s primary products consist of inflation devices used in angioplasty and stent placement; diagnostic and therapeutic catheters used for various procedures in cardiology and radiology; diagnostic and hydrophilic products used to manage and monitor the administration of contrast media and other fluid solutions; thrombolytic catheters and fluid dispensing systems; and embolotherapeutic products for the treatment of uterine fibroids, hypervascularised tumours, and arteriovenous malformations; and procedural trays, packs, and kits. Innotec provides an end-to-end solution surveillance solution which includes:

•Installation of more than 50 Full HD IP Cameras
•Ultra high clarity high definition IP cameras
•Future-Proof fiber optics backbone for cameras



Imron Security

Founded in 1997, IMRON Corporation is the leading provider of Security Management Software and Access Control solutions. Constantly striving to make changes to maintain its position at the forefront of technology and innovation, IMRON Corporation is committed to open architecture solutions. IMRON’s comprehensive software platforms offer revolutionary control of all physical security requirements. Fully scalable and customizable, IMRON solutions are THE non-proprietary “open” standard.

IMRON uses technology to leverage the customers’ investment in traditional security and create a tool that would increase the customers’ profits and performance in their markets. IMRON’s success with both local and national companies has proven this strategy correct and is fueling the company’s growth in the Integrated Security Systems sector.

IMRON helps companies integrate their separate security activities into one complete, efficient and effective security solution that works to promote the customers’ business goals and culture. This is achieved with a fully networked Access Control, Video Surveillance and Security Monitoring Solution that serves individual or Enterprise level businesses.

IMRON stays close to its customers by working with systems integrators and end users on most projects. This helps keep the products at the leading edge of innovation and ensures the highest ‘convergence’ of technology and user acceptance. This customer centered strategy is a key to IMRON’s success.



Security Management Software

IMRON’s comprehensive software platform, offers revolutionary control of all physical security requirements and integrates to the industry’s most trusted brands of hardware systems for access control, intrusion, HVAC, and video. Sites using legacy hardware can retain their prior investment, and expand with newer standards based hardware.

IS2000 supports both traditional on-premise perpetual licensing model and ‘Software as a Service’ subscription model that is hosted in the cloud.

IS2000 manages disparate security devices and systems into a single user interface. Data from these systems are managed bi-directionally and can be synchronized with HR Systems via web services. The distributed intelligent network architecture allows all of the access control and security decisions to execute and record, even if com-munication is lost with the host computer.

IS2000′s open architecture and modular design allows the customer to expand the system based on the features and requirements of the site(s) being managed. The software has the ability to simultaneously manage traditional hardware platforms and newer web based IP controllers and readers from its seamless environment.

Applicable Markets

The IS2000 can be integrated into systems that can be applicable for security in almost all types of industries.


Allow designated staff to control jetway and baggage claim functions.


Commercial Buildings
Landlords can manage multiple tenants and allow them to manage their specific site.


Educational Facilities
Keep people safe from a dangerous external event with multi-building lockdown.


Financial Institutions
Control access to multiple bank branches while staying integrated to video.


Health Care
Control where and when staff can go throughout the facility and set special schedules for planned surgeries.


Managers can auto-unlock their store when they disarm their alarm system.


Control and monitor inventory facilities while automating various procedures.


Control who has access to offices and suites all season long from a centralized system.


Due to its modular design, IS2000 can be scaled and deployed in an enterprise environment. Support for multiple regional servers can be configured to use a single redundant database that is replicated globally across the enterprise. IS2000 clients have the option of using a thick feature rich Windows application, or a browser agnostic web app.

Databases from an HR System or other applications can be imported using our Data Import Utility. Supported data formats include Active Directory, text files, spreadsheets, and ODBC data sources.

IS2000 also has an available SDK that gives software developers the ability to integrate all functionality using an XML based protocol.

IS2000’s unique ability to simultaneously manage traditional hardware platforms and newer web based IP controllers from a seamless environment, make it the only choice for your security management needs.

System Overview

is2000-topology is2000_v10_overview

Feature List

Access and Security Solution

•Scalable Enterprise Security Management Software
•Multi-User Support
•Easy to use interface can run in either Application or Desktop Mode
•Occupancy Control
•Integration to some of the leading Intrusion Detection systems in the industry
•Muster Reporting
•Video Integration to cutting edge IP / NVR systems
•Easy to use Report Manager
•Integrated Badge Designer
•Integrated Guard Tour
•Time and Attendance
•Graphic Maps (Interactive)
•Thin Client
•Email on Alarm
•System Partitioning to the device level

Triggerable Actions (Hardware Specific)

•Door: Momentary Unlock
•Door: Card/PIN, Card Only, PIN only mode change
•Activate Device / Group Areas
•Control Point: Activate, Deactivate, Pulse (Configurable timer)
•Delay Commands
•Alarm Panel: Arm, disarm, force arm
•Macro Commands
•Integrated Badge Designer
•Run an executable
•First man in / Snow day
•Set Trigger Variables
•Global I/O Linking
•Execute a command file

Real-Time Monitoring

•Events (Interactive Control)
•Jump to Graphic on Alarm
•Alarm Manager

Graphic Maps

•Control and view devices on a map
•Plotted devices can reside on different layers


•Standard and advanced custom filtering
•Export Options: Open Document Text, XLS, XML, HTML, PDF, and more
•Printing Options: Any network or local printer with a Windows printer driver can be utilized.


•Software updates available from the cloud
•Auto event archiving
•Auto backups locally


•Cloud software updates available
•Online ticketing system
•Remote access support
•Local and Cloud technical documentation

Custom Commands

•All Device Commands
•All PC related commands
•Ability to group global device commands
•Camera Call-up
•Facility Lockdown capability
•Pre-canned text or email message

Web Interface

•IS2000 Web Service (does not use IIS or Apache)
•Basic Administration of credentials
•Browser Agnostic
•Real-time Event/Alarm monitoring
•No software to load on client workstations
•Real-time device status and control

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