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Home Security: A need or a luxury?

Your hard work have gotten you your beautiful home and house a beautiful family in comfort and shelter. We know it can be emotionally tiring when the responsibility of you, the home owner, is to guard and take care of your family's well-being. You want to keep them safe but provide for them at the same time. How do you aim to achieve that? Well, this is where we come into the picture to help you get a full solution you want, for the security you need.

4 Reasons why Home Security is important

1. Deter Break-Ins

Your home may be the target of a lurking criminal who is ready to rob you of your belongings and cause chaos and disruption. Burglars and Robbers don't just randomly go to your property and break-in at night. In most cases, they are usually related to you! The same people who have seen the inside of your home are able to memorize the layout and highlight areas of interest. Thus making it easier to plan their heist. However, if you place CCTV surveillance systems, they often see this as a threat and a hassle to get past. Minimizing the chances of a break-in by 95%. What's more if you have video analytics installed with your surveillance system, you are able to obtain more data analysis on who the suspects are. Hence, burglars and robbers are more likely to intrude houses with no security systems installed.

2. Children Safety

In this day and age, both parents are required to work to provide for the family. Therefore leaving their child unattended unless a domestic helper is hired. So let's say you do hire a maid and you go off to do your daily routines and find out there has been unexplainable bruises on your childrens' body. You might jump straight onto the blame train and put the fault on the maid, but what if it it's not? and you find yourself in an emotional stress that you don't need to be in.
With a security system installed, you can be rest assured the maid will not be up to no good. Not only in the safety of your children, but her hygiene in food preparation. If you do not want to only use CCTV for evidence, since the damage has been done anyway, we have a secured remote viewing technology that allow you to check in on a LIVE surveillance on-the-go! With your mobile device you will be able to watch over the people at home while you are away. Save yourself the stress and get a security system today!

3. Unfaithful Spouse

Now we're heading into the twilight zone. So you think your husband/wife has been... misbehaving. You got a gut feeling, but you don't want to jump into conclusions and cause a big fight, let alone unnecessary drama. Every spouse loves their partner and being cheated on can bruise your ego, hurt you spiritually and the whole process leads to a lot of emotional stress. But if it has come to the state where you question your spouse's loyalty, we can help you achieve some clarification and shed some light on the situation. We have small (well, not tiny spy cams) type of cameras that can be mounted on ceilings and walls of your desired location. Like the rest of our surveillance solutions, live view and recorded playback can be obtained.

4. Isolated Elderly

Assuming your parents are in their 60s and 70s by now and you're too busy raising a family and you don't have time to take care of them to a full extent, it is inevitable that sometimes you won't even know how they're doing by themselves. In 2016 alone, there have been a reported over 100 cases of isolated elderly people who passed away in their own home and nobody noticed it until it was way too late. Avoiding the gruesome details, it is safe to say that this is where a surveillance system can be extremely helpful.

The Solution

With all of the issues listed above, we understand any type of disruption in security can be a huge ordeal and affect you in many ways. Thus, We provide a variety of home security products and solutions. As an add-on service, we always enforce a privacy protection commitment for all our customers, meaning we will never use your information for any purpose whatsoever. If you are looking to install security systems, we also provide professional security site-planning by our certified security consultants. Furthermore the site-survey is always FREE.

The Products

For Budget Sensitive products, we have our AHD CCTV solution.
For Privacy Sensitive products, we offer our In-built audio microphone CCTV cameras.

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