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Innotec Solutions Becomes Official Partner of Axis Communications

With the rise in demand of security systems due to recent escalation of terrorism, Innotec Solutions has joined partnership with Axis Communications, one of the leading security system solution providers in the world. Innotec is hopeful with this partnership will determine the security business in future.

Axis Communications is a Swedish manufacturer of network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries. It operates in the market segments transport, infrastructure, retail, banking, education, government and industrial. Axis was the first company in the world to launch a network camera in 1996, initiating the shift from analog to digital technology. The majority of Axis’ sales are generated by the video product area; network cameras, video encoders, accessories and application software. Despite safety, Axis offers smart solutions with cutting edge technologies such as remote monitoring, Lightfinder technology, ease of installation and also the possibility to integrate customer analytics functionalities. Our customers can optimize their business, gain business intelligence and reduce carbon footprint by taking part of the material remotely.
Intelligent security solutions, including network cameras, are also crucial building blocks for constructing the environmentally and socially sustainable cities of the future. Network cameras are also used in a smart way to for example monitor traffic flow in Russia, critical infrastructure in China and other key functions helping customers to protect their business and optimize their processes.

With Innotec Solutions being Singapore's Leading Security Technologist, they aim to enhance the security of Singapore by finding valuable partnerships that can help obtain a safer country. The partnership that these 2 corporations dealed upon is said to set the next step in the Security Industry.