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Smart AI (Artifical Intelligence) and Anti-Collision Vehicle Camera

A traffic accident survey shows that, among all different types of accidents, rear-end collision accounted for 49% and lane deviation accounted for 27%. Aside from daily traffic, bus drivers, truck drivers and other jobs that require long-distance day and night driving, is the main cause of fatigue. Fatigue of these drivers are likely to cause serious casualties or dangerous cargo leak.

With an anti-collision sensor and a fatigue detector installed in the car, accidents can be minimized to as much as 80%. The technology calibrates the proximity of the car's surrounding and uses the data to inform the driver of the dangers ahead. In the event the driver is detected to be distracted from the road, the camera will alert the driver to stay focused on driving.




DRAIVE™ ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System ) technology



New age technology predicting patterns and preventing accidents.

Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS ) utilizes a variety of sensors installed in the car. It collects environmental data, static, dynamic object identification, detection and tracking from the first calibration. This allows the driver to react at the fastest time to detect the possible risk, to minimize distraction and improve the safety of active safety technology.

With the ADAS prediction technology, it will promptly alert you, before a predicted collision or when it detects fatigue. Ultimately it minimizes the possibility of accidents while ensuring driving safety. Future ADAS technology is working towards a standard integration in the car to reduce the accident rate.

Pedestrian collision warning

PCW (Pedestrian Collision Warning) system is based on computer vision image algorithm, detecting traffic lanes, identifying static and dynamic pedestrians in order to prevent pedestrian collision.



Front vehicle collision warning

FCW (Forward Collision Warning) detects and determines the risk of potential collisions by sensing and calculating the distance between the vehicle and other vehicles in proximity.

Lane deviation warning

LDW (Lane Departure Warning) uses ADAS algorithm to monitor the location of the vehicle in the lane. In the event of lane shifting, the driver will be warned before shifting lanes to prevent traffic accidents caused by lane departure.



Fatigue driving test

DFM Fatigue Monitor detects fatigue through the visual sensor on the human eyelid geometry and action characteristics, eye gaze angle and its dynamic changes. It also detects head position and direction changes in real-time.

Blind zone detection warning

BSM (Blind Spot Monitor) detects through the driver's blindspots to help the driver avoid collision. The camera alerts the driver with warnings of potential collision.



Night vision assist system

The Night Vision, a car-driven assistive system for military use. With the help of this system, the driver will have a higher chance of foreseeing during night or low light driving, providing more comprehensive and accurate information or early warning to the driver against potential hazards.

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Key Features

• Forward collision warning.
• Pedestrian collision warning.
• Lane departure warning.
• Driver Yawning warning
• Driver distracted warning
• Driver smoking warning
• Driver on the phone warning
• Driving video recording
• Cellular network
• GPS tracking
• Event logging
• Safety driving detection

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