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Digital Guard Replacement

Human errors are always present in anything and every approach to situations. Since security is not something to be taken advantage of, an automated digital guard solution is highly advised to minimize these errors with the aim to eliminate physical guards. A self-aware AI(artificial intelligence) is still a developing technology and before the world can achieve that, these are some solutions that can help you obtain cost-effective and efficient digital security.

Digital Security

Precise. Extensive. Vigilant.

CCTV Surveillance

Video Analytics

Surveillance technology has progressed tremendously. So much so that Video Analytics are able to pick up these data in extensive detail. 1 security personnel is enough to be stationed in 1 post while the surveillance system does all the work.

Building Management

With modern future technology, building management will be only a click away with a software handled by 1 security personnel. No hassle, no travel time, just click.

Fire Hazard Safety Measure

When you integrate your fire alarm panel with your building management software, you will be able to handle hazardous situations with ease. Pairing it with blast-proof CCTV allows security to maintain visual while keeping them safe away from the flame engulfed area.


Check in and check out visitors through an software without the need of security at the reception lobby. This E-concierge solution is fully functional, with just 1 security personnel maintaing visual through surveillance and video analytics.

Access Control

With access control systems, authorized people can just enter and exit a room with their biometrics and it can be integrated as a time attendance function. Anyone who uses the access control are tracked via biometrics with time check, deeming it as a full solution in entry security.

Cost Analysis


Standard Industrial Security Guard

Unarmed Guard: $12-$20 per hour
Armed Guard: $18-$25 per hour
Average monthly cost
(based on 2 shifts x 2 guards): $42000
Average yearly cost: $504000

Fully Digitalized Guard

CCTV Surveillance System:
averagely $200 per camera
Video Analytics:
averagely $400 per function
Access Controls:
averagely $350 per door
Visitor Management System:
$1000 per license
2 security personnel (12 hour shifts): $12-$20 per hour
Average total one-time cost with installation (100 locations): $130500

Budgetary Concern

Well of course, budget is always limiting us to achieveing full potential. But always keep in mind that security is something that should be available to all, that's why we have come up with a solution for you!

Budgetary Solution (CCTV Leasing)

To make your decision easier, we have services to lease these services that we charge from prices as low as $5/mth.