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Access Control Systems

Anviz created and developed a self-intelligent, multi-biometric verification algorithm named BioNANO. Incorporating fingerprint, facial, iris and vein recognition in one core application, BioNANO has excelled over other competitors to become the world's most efficient and stable identification algorithm.

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Leeden National Oxygen Ltd

Gas Production Facility

With strategic presence around Asia, Leeden NOX meets the needs of our customers in industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Infrastructure, Construction and Manufacturing. Innotec provides an end-to-end solution surveillance solution which includes:

  • •Over 200 IP CCTV Installed
  • •Ultra high clarity HD IP cameras
  • •Future-Proof fiber optics
  • •Over 50 access control points

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ANVIZ Access Control Systems uses intelligent security technology that includes several functions like image transmission & storage, data sorage & processing, access control, alarm and surveillance, etc. A key advantage with using Anviz products is the simplicity and universality uses of intelligent security.

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