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Can I install CCTV Security Cameras outside my HDB Unit?

Yes, however you need clearance from your town council. Permit to install security cameras is compulsory. This procedure can only be done by you.

I don't want a site-survey. Can I just get a quotation?

Do I need wifi plugged in to the recorder for remote viewing?

Yes, you do. The recorder has to be connected to your router which then transmits data to your phone for remote viewing.

Are your prices unreasonably costly?

We always listen to you first. Your budget determines what we can and cannot do. Compared to our competitors in Singapore, we are a far more established company with in-house installers and IT specialists that can install your systems swiftly. Furthermore, the services we provide are comprehensive and extensive. So in a way, our prices are based on the benefits you are able to achieve instead of a one-time installation fee that may take a long time and leave a mess behind.

What if my system fails?

We provide extensive aftersales support. There is a newly launched SMS Notification Feature that we are able to install for you, so whenever your system malfunctions, there will be a message sent straight to your phone. Giving you security for your security. Moreoever, our aftersales and technical support team are always ready to help you with any inconvenience. Your product warranty is valid for 1 year and if anything goes wrong within that period, you are eligible for a 1-for-1 exchange of product. *terms and conditions apply.

I have a technical problem or support issue I need resolved, who do I contact?

If you are an existing customer, please call us at+65 9387 2625and press 3 for technical support. We will try to guide you to solve the problem through the phone but if the problem persists, we may have to send our technicians to you. *charges apply.

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