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Merit Medical Systems Inc

Manufacturing Facility

Merit Medical Systems Inc is a worldwide designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices used in interventional and diagnostic procedures. Innotec provides an end-to-end solution surveillance solution which includes:

  • •Over 50 IP CCTV Installed
  • •Ultra high clarity HD IP cameras
  • •Future-Proof fiber optics



Secure your entry points with restricted passage or enforce one-way human traffic with a turnstile.


Tripod Turnstile


This turnstile works the way it has been since it was first invented. The handles work like a carousel when it is triggered to be opened. This is still commonly used in office buildings.


Optical Flap Turnstile


The flaps of the Optical Flap Turnstiles slides into the stainless steel body when it is triggered to be opened. This is commonly used for train stations.


Optical Swing Turnstile


The panels of the Optical Swing Turnstiles swing outwards away from the pedestrian when it is triggered to be opened. It is commonly used in government buildings and airport immigration.


Full Height Turnstile


Full height turnstile is often used for high security access control solutions.


Entrance Barrier


Integrated solutions for all requirements. New range of barrier gate allow operators to control road access to car parks, industrial, private and block of flats transit areas, including high traffic ones. Contact Us today to find out which one suits you best.