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Commercial Building

Team of installers, IT specialists and project engineers are always available to help you with any queries you might have, or if you want to consult in length on your security requirements. We would study your requirements and provide you with a quote that would not only suit your budget, but would also save you considerable amount of money in the long term with the assurance of protected property. And, we guarantee that.

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International Plaza Building

Commercial Building

International Plaza Building is a 50 storey commercial and residential building in the heart of Singapore CBD. At a height of 190 meters, it is an iconic building that represents the growth of our commercial sector. Innotec provides a comprehensive surveillance and security solution for the entire building which includes:

  • •320 IP CCTV Installed
  • •Future-Proof fiber optics
  • •Ultra high clarity HD IP cameras
  • •People Counting Technology

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