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CCTV Surveillance Systems

We provide the latest in surveillance camera technology to help you secure your business.

Access Controls

Secure your doors with a personalized ID Code or go even further with a thumbprint accessibility.

Video Analytics Appliance

Create a powerful prevention solution from any existing IP surveillance system.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Deter break-ins and robberies with a powerful alarm system that will definitely warn you of incoming dangers.

Vehicle Surveillance Systems

Does your business require transportation services? Secure your assets with this nifty device!

Perimeter Fencing

Want a full security lockdown? We provide perimeter fencing services.

Be Anywhere @ Anytime

Check in on your property with remote mobile viewing capabilities. Available for both Android & iOS.

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View Live Stream

Real-time live camera feed gives you the power to monitor your property from virtually anywhere


Integrated app that is easy to navigate for you to enhance surveillance.

View Recorded Footages

Review recorded video for playback, or notify the authorities if you come across suspicious activity

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